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Sharjah Municipality to Discuss with Police, Residency and Labor, Plan to Face the Offenders and Peddlers.

04 Jan 2011

Confirmed each of Sharjah Municipality, Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, Police Department and Office of Labor in the Emirate of Sharjah, the seriousness of loose employment and street Peddlers on all aspects of economic, social and security and the need for everyone for collaboration and cooperation in order to treat them.

It was decided to form a joint working group to carry out inspection campaigns to eliminate these phenomena, and it was agreed that there should be regular meetings on a monthly basis to follow up the implementation of the work of these campaigns and remove all obstacles that can be encountered their work.

This came during an extensive meeting held at the municipality under the chairmanship of HE Engineer Sultan Abdullah Al Mualla, Director General of Sharjah Municipality, HE Brigadier Abdullah Sahoo Director of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, and Colonel Abdullah Humaid Triam, Director of police stations, Sharjah Police, Colonel Mohammad Bayat, Director of CID, Colonel Mohammed AlMazloum Operations Manager and Major Ibrahim Hamdan, head of the follow-up of offenders and foreigners, and Major Abdul Karim AlAskar, head of Public Relations and Major Ali Zamzam, head of information and follow-up, Mr. Adel AlZarouni Director of the Inspection Office of the Labour Office in Sharjah and Ali Alabdool, deputy director of the inspection office.

Also attended the meeting Riyad Abdullah Aylan, deputy director of Sharjah Municipality, Ibrahim Al Hosni, Director of Security and Marwan AlHosan, Head of Department of Inspection and markets control in the Municipality.

The meeting focused on research on how to eliminate the phenomenon of workers sleeping on the green spaces in the city and to prevent street Peddlers from their activity and other issues that were discussed.

HE Sultan Abdullah Al Mualla said: "The meeting aims to develop a specific mechanism to eliminate negative phenomena in the emirate, which caused loose of labor and Peddlers, and other improper practices carried out by this group, leading to distort the image of the cultural city of Sharjah.

He added that many of these workers are not working with their sponsors and some of them reside in the country illegally and sleeping on the green spaces and use them incorrectly, leading to damage the great efforts made by the municipality for the maintenance of these surfaces and maintain them.

He explained that the meeting discussed a mechanism to organize the car wash in public according to legal controls over the companies certified to work according to standards and specific conditions, to ensure the maintenance of the general appearance and the elimination of loose employment in this area.

He pointed out that the meeting reviewed the mechanisms to be applied to prevent street Peddlers in the industrial areas and some traffic lights and other places, warning of the great damage of this phenomenon on society, which requires the development of solutions to address them.

He noted that the municipality is ready to provide the necessary space to accommodate detainees who are arrested for when to take necessary legal action against them in addition to providing the necessary support to all those involved in the fight against this phenomenon.

Last Update:: 1/4/2011