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“Sharjah Residency” Organizes Blood Donation Campaign

21 Jan 2016

Sharjah 24


From the keenness of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah on the importance of community participation among institutions and individuals, the Administration organized in cooperation with the Blood Transfusion and Research Center, a blood donation campaign from nine o'clock in the morning up to two o'clock afternoon at the headquarters of the administration.

Colonel Arif Al Shamsi, urged the participants on the importance of the campaign and the need to contribute to the donation, which would help save the lives of sick and needy.

Administration aims behind this cooperation, to promote the spirit and culture of the humanitarian work of its staff, and customers.

For their part, donors expressed how important these campaigns, appraising the role of the administrator and its continuous quest to raise awareness of health and culture.

Finally  Blood Transfusion and Research Services Center Family, expressed their thanks to the management for their continued cooperation in supporting of the state blood transfusion programs and the effective and positive role in support of humanitarian and community side.

Last Update:: 3/3/2016