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A Training Course on «The Security Sense » at Sharjah International Airport

20 Sep 2015

 Al Khaleej


Sharjah International Airport passports control department in collaboration with the Sharjah International Airport Authority organized a training course on (The Security Sense) with the participation of 247 of passports bailiffs, preparation and presentation of Major Mohammed Abdullah Borahimh head of the department, it comes out of the vision of the Ministry of Interior of the UAE to be one of the best countries in the world in term of security and safety, and to promote the objectives of security and safety.

Major Mohammed Abdullah Borahimh told «AlKhaleej»: The training course comes as the sense of security is one of the experiences gained by working in the field of security of ports and areas of residence and citizenship, As it contains areas that helps the person improve his abilities and to identify the unnatural actions that come from people using the ports, airports and border crossings, both in the detection of crimes or suspects.

He noted that the session touched on important points especially the "importance and the development of the security sense", It is the ability and talent owned by others in dealing with the mysterious things through prediction and forecasting, this talent cannot grow, unless there are other influences so that it becomes an advantage, and the disclosure of the criminal source of danger before it convert to damage, and increase the degree of security effectiveness, by enhancing the security performance and by avoiding typical daily practice, and the development of security sense skills among workers in the area of residence, citizenship and security of the ports.

Last Update:: 9/20/2015