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Director of «Residence» Inspects Work at Sharjah Airport Passport Control Department

17 Sep 2015

 Al Bayan


Colonel Arif Mohammed Al Shamsi, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah yesterday morning made an inspection visit to Sharjah International Airport, accompanied by Colonel Salim Ali AlMozainy Deputy Director General, where he was during the visit, see the workflow procedures, and services provided to travelers, and preparations of " Sharjah airport Passports Control Section" for the pilgrimage season.

AlShamsi praised the efforts made by the airport staff, permanent and their eagerness to develop the workflow, wishing them to make more effort and tender, loyalty and dedication to work, to maintain the security and stability of the homeland, and to provide better services to the public.

Then Colonel Arif Al Shamsi Pass entry and exit lounge and urged those in charge of the speed of completion of work, taking care to represent the country with the best image, saying: «You are the first image for visitors from abroad, your smile and good handling reflect the extent to urbanization the country».

Last Update:: 9/17/2015