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AlShamsi Emphasizes the Adoption of Best Policing Practices in Sharjah

13 May 2015

 Al Khaleej


Brigadier Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, General Commander of Sharjah Police has chaired the forth Higher Leadership Committee Meeting held at Conference Hall at Sharjah Police HQ. Meeting was attended by Brig. Abdullah Mubarak bin Amir, Deputy General Commander of Sharjah Police, Colonel Mohammed Rashid Biyyat, Director General of Resources and Support Services, Colonel Ali Salem Al Khayyal, Deputy Director General of Police Operations Dept, Colonel Khalid Obeid Bin Kanon, representative of Civil Defence Dept and Colonel Obeid Al Shamsi, representative of General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners' Affairs besides directors of depts and members of higher leadership committee.

Meeting has reviewed in the beginning the decisions taken in previous meeting and implementation steps. It also raised a host of issues tabled in its agenda, including recommendations and suggestions put forward during the first quarter of the current year; Sharjah Police administrative guide and a study on run over accidents in Sharjah.

Last Update:: 5/13/2015