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"Dealing Skills" in Sharjah Residency

03 Apr 2015

Al Khaleej


Colonel Salim Ali Mozainy director of resources and support services management, witnessed the graduation of the training course "skills to deal with the bosses" for women elements, and the NLP training course for men's elements, on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah yesterday afternoon, in cooperation with the Emirates Institute for citizenship, residency and ports.

These courses come to staff talents and skills development in their  professional fields.

AlMozainy praised the level of lecturers, and the method adopted in implementing the courses , wishing to them all the progress and success in their work, and take advantage of these courses and apply what they have learned, , thus contributing in the development of the performance and elevate it to highest levels.

Last Update:: 4/3/2015