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«Sharjah Residency» Organizes Blood Donation Campaign

19 May 2014
Al Khaleej
General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, held yesterday morning, a blood donation campaign in collaboration with “Blood Transfusion Services and Research Center” in Sharjah, under the slogan «Drop of Blood Gives Life to Them», based on its desire to promote community participation, and dissemination of health education among employees and customers, as part of Ministry of Interior strategy and its role in serving the local community.

The campaign was opened by Colonel Ali Salem AlMozainy director of resource management and support services, accompanied by a number of officers, directors of departments and heads of departments, who took the initiative to donate blood, in addition to the officers, management and non-commissioned officers, employees, and female employees, which encouraged large numbers of reviewers to donate. Colonel Ali Salem commended on the campaign, and pointed out to the need for all segments of society to contribute in the success of the blood donation campaigns.

Last Update:: 5/19/2014