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Arrest of 15 Asian Offenders, Beggars and Hawkers

28 Mar 2013
AlKhaleej Newspaper
General Command of Sharjah Police confirmed the continuation of the launched campaigns to catch offenders, which one of them yesterday, resulted in the seizure of 15 Asian violators in different areas in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Campaign targeted places where centralization of offenders, and caught them after variety of their violations, and expanding their illegal careers, and that would tarnish the image of the emirate as a result their negative practices, after checking them, it showing variety of their violations, and its multiple categories, Some of them infiltrator and contrary to the laws of the country, and some of them required for the security agencies, and some of them a runaway from the sponsor, and some of them illegal self-employed, such as street vendors, beggars and balances telephone vendors.

Colonel Jihad Sahoo, Director of the Criminal Investigation in Sharjah Police, said: the campaign will continue in accordance with a security plan prepared by the General Command to achieve the purpose of access to the reduction of this phenomenon in cooperation with individuals and organizations of the community.

Colonel Sahoo urged members of the community in cooperation with the police to report the existence of violations and to help to control people who practice these professions, and the offenses referred to, stressing the importance of community cooperation with security agencies, noting to the importance of community partnership, and that the community is an essential and effective partner in helping police and security departments to control these categories.
Last Update:: 3/28/2013