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Sharjah Police Captured a Fraud Professionals Pakistani Gang

14 Feb 2013
AlKhaleej Newspaper

Inspection and Criminal Investigation Departments in the Sharjah General Police Headquarters, managed to detect criminal gang schemes consisting of five people, all of them hold Pakistani nationality, and that by arresting four of its members, and prosecuting the fifth member, who managed to escape, and it was after a period of their specialization in forging passports, entry visas and residence, and labor cards for several entities working inside and outside the country, against money paid for the implementation required forgery process.  A set of tools in the possession of gang was found, which used in the falsification of official documents, and deferent  seals belonging to some government departments and institutions in the state and outside the state.

Incident details dating back to when information has been received by Criminal Investigation Department, of existence of a specialized gang in forging passports and work visas and official cards for several bodies operating in the country and abroad, and that in return for sums of money ranging between (1000-1500) AED, against implementation of the required forgery process, in light of the above, was formed a security team of Criminal Investigators to verify the information contained, and to search for the criminals, and identify them and bring them to justice, with research and investigation they manage confirmed the information contained, and suspected one of the gang members from Pakistani nationality, he have linked with fraud operations, and by facing him with the charge against him he confess, in conjunction with four other people of the same nationality, and the accused revealed an information of one member of the gang, and deny the others, then with follow-up researches, the team found the whereabouts of three people from the gang members, and arrested them and one of them managed to escape, to an unknown destination, and after the completion of legal procedures, and inspection of the apartment in which the suspicious gang operates, the team found a various electronic devices and software manufactured for the purpose of fraud, and passports of several Arab countries and foreign countries, visas, cards, official documents and seals.

Last Update:: 2/19/2013