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Honoring Employee for his Discovery a Fraud Iris Scan

19 Dec 2012
Al Khaleej
By instructions of HH Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Interior Ministry honored a distinct employee from Sharjah International Airport Immigration Department at, in recognition of his role in discovering a fraud iris scan seal in Asian passengers entry permit, when he tried to enter the country through the airport.

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Menhali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Assistant for Naturalization, Residency and Ports, met in his office, the employee Saif Khalfan Saif, and the price of his efforts which reflect a sense of high responsibility and devotion performing duties, and conveyed to him the wishes of deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and handed to him an appreciation certificate and a symbolic gift and a sum of money, in recognition of his national affiliation, where he expressed appreciation for his employee Saif Khalfan Saif.

Details of the story back when employee Saif stopped a traveler, who holds entry permit to enter the state, and after the check process for the traveler, discovered that there is a restrictions on this traveler, and after the iris scan he found out that the person has falsified his name and passport; then he send the case to the competent authorities to take action against him.
Last Update:: 12/19/2012