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“Residency Violators” a Title of Aman Ya Bladi Radio Program

08 Dec 2012
Al Khaleej
“Aman Ya Bladi” radio program, prepared by Sharjah Police Headquarters live via Sharjah Radio on Tuesday, received Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak Aldukhan deputy commanding general of Sharjah Police, Brigadier General Dr. Abdullah Ali bin Sahoo, Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah, to discuss the new time limit to resolve the situation of violators of the law of entry and residence of foreigners, and the law of regulating labor relations within the country, which began in the fourth month of December / January.

Brigadier Aldukhan addressed the importance of the community role in collaboration with security agencies in the elimination of any phenomenon undermine the security of the homeland, so that everyone in the community must possess sense of security in maintaining peace of mind, also stated that the General Command of Sharjah Police has inspection campaigns and set up many offenders in the past years to prevent the exacerbation of the phenomenon, as those offenders form a high percentage in committing crimes, and he appealed to members of the community not to deal with these categories, to protect themselves from risk.

Brigadier Bin Sahoo said that there is a new time limit for two months, the time limit comes in implementation of the Council of Ministers Decision regarding granting violators of the law of entry and residence of foreigners, and regulation of labor relations, a time limit to leave the country and exempting them from fines resulting from exceeding the period of legal residence for them, so as to fully eliminate the phenomenon of offenders within the country, and that there are 10 centers will receive offenders during morning and evening work periods.
Last Update:: 12/8/2012