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Warning of the Risks of Sheltering and Hiring Violators of Residence

19 Nov 2012
Al Khaleej
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Salah al-Ghoul, Director of the Office of culture of respect for the law, in the General Secretariat of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, warned of violating the entry and residence of foreigners, by harboring offenders; under any pretext or form, because what hiring violators constitutes risks its impacts vary from social and economic, health and security at different levels, urging the public to increase cooperation with police concerned departments to report any violators; for the protection of our society of crime in all its forms..

Dr. Ghoul called to the importance of cooperation with the "No to offenders" campaign, launched by the Ministry of Interior recently, pointing out that security and stability are considered integrated system requires collaboration of all individuals and entities actively and positively in order to provide protection for all; pointing out that respect for the laws of various kinds is the real foundation for the security of the society and its members.

he stressed on the duty of all segments of society do play their national role; required by the principle of belonging to this country, which has spared no effort to reach this rank of global security and social stability, strengthening on the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Interior to change some illegal behaviors; which do not respect the public interest by hiring illegal resident, by providing the required information to government bodies responsible for violators; who constitute a real threat to the security of this community.

He explained the harm of categories of violation of the law of entry and residence of foreigners, for failing to comply with laws, safety and security of the homeland, the offenders rottenly resort to illegal means, such as fraud, theft, and impersonate others in order to get the money, and the violator may commit obscene crimes; stressing that the majority of offenders are people who do not have the minimum legal culture that prevent them from committing offenses and crimes stipulated by the law.

Al-Ghoul pointed out that the issue of the legality of the person in the state, is the basis for the acquisition of the rights set forth in the “domestic legislation and international conventions” Since the violation of the laws of a country, make every violator subject to legal penalties, and the exploitation of others to his illegal situations, what makes him a victim to commit crimes and offenses against him by others.  
Last Update:: 11/19/2012