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Preparations for “Hajj” Season at Sharjah Airport

20 Sep 2012
Al Khaleej
Sharjah International Airport completed the preparation for “Hajj” season to provide all the services and facilities to ensure the comfort of pilgrims to the “House of Allah”, and to ensure expeditious completion of their transactions. Sharjah Airport Authority during the last period, organized coordination meetings attended by representatives of each of Civil Aviation Department in Sharjah, airport passport control section, airport police station, and Sharjah Aviation Services, in addition to Alpha Company for Aviation Services. The meetings focused on the exchange of views and make suggestions that contribute to the comfort of the pilgrims and ensure the completion of their transactions more quickly and with ease. It was also during meetings discuss the main obstacles faced by the traveler and developing appropriate solutions and review the latest preparations for the Hajj season for the current year.
Ali Salem AlMudfa General Manager of Sharjah International Airport, stressed the keenness of Airport Authority to do all the preparations and arrangements for pilgrimage season, both with the launch of flights to go Hajj or on return trips after performing the rituals of Hajj, stressing that the airport authority has always sought to improve the quality of services provided to travelers, especially in seasons of great congestion like Hajj season which occurs an increase in the number of the additional flights operated by some airlines, and the high number of passengers during this period, which requires more effort and arrangements to ensure the smooth flow of the passengers traffic.

He pointed out that the preparations included providing new lounge for pilgrims and increasing the number of counters and staff and intensify working shifts of the Public Relations Department at the airport to undertake the guidance of pilgrims to the counters and lounges places, and to facilitate their procedures, in addition to increasing the number of bags porter workers and increase luggage carts to speed baggage handling and increase their number at luggage scanning machines area.
Last Update:: 9/20/2012