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No Visa Ban on Low Professions

20 Sep 2012
Al Khaleej
Major General Nasser Al Awadhi Al Minhali and undersecretary assistant of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalization, Residency and Ports, denied what published on some newspapers about prohibition of tourist visas for some low professions.

Al Minhali added that all departments of nationality, working according to the procedures and mechanisms in use on the granting of tourist visas for applicants, and set forth in the regulations that are known to all dealers, at the same time criticizing the practices of  some media by publishing this incorrect information, based on unreliable sources and unofficial as well.

He explained that any modifications or new procedures implemented by the departments of nationality will be announced in advance, and will be introduced to the public, either through the ministry's Web site, or by transmitting it through Security Media Department to all medias.
Last Update:: 9/20/2012