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  • Director of Sharjah Residency Honors Distinguished Employees
  • “Sharjah Residency” Celebrates The Flag Day
  • A Joint Cooperation Between “Sharjah Media Corporation” and “Sharjah Residence” for Community Development
  • Eyman AlAli .. The Art of Contact and Communicate

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  • Dear Resident,
    Your commitment with renewal of your residence and employment visas by your natural sponsor; surly save your rights, let you not to be under law questioning and provides you with legal residence without troubles.
  • Dear Local,
    Illegal manpower is damaging security and economy. Your business success is achieved via safe ....
  • Sharjah Directorate for Naturalization and Residence is one of the directorates enlisted under the banner of Directorate General for Naturalization and Residence, Consequently is Considered as one of administrations that are followed Ministry of Interior.