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  • Developing Project Program of Tourism, Medical Treatment and Study Visas

External Division

These divisions represent outlets that offer its services to persons whether coming in or out the country.

  • Air outlets: Immigration Office in Sharjah Int. Airport
    Besides offering services of coming in and out for passengers entering our country; Sharjah Int. Airport issues entry permits (Tourism, Mission and Transit).


  • Sea outlets: Immigration Office in Khalid, Hamriyah and Khorfakan Seaports and Debba Al Hisn Seaport.
    These seaports have great role concerning circulation of passengers and goods, where this role has become greater one due to commercial and economic flourish of country. Whereas, these outlets offer services of entry and exit to travelling passengers. Moreover, these sections issue entry permits for commercial ships and issue disembarkation sailors' permits.


  • Land outlets: representing in Immigration Office of Khitmit Al Milaha Outlet
    This outlet handles movement of entry and exit for passengers and vehicles. It represents an important outlet regarding crossing and trade movement between UAE and Oman Sultanate.

There are many specialized offices work as the linkage network in upgrading and elevating performance level and service of Administration through development in Human resources cadre and linking Administration to the external world, utilizing the benefits of modern techniques in offering the best services such as IT offices, systems' supervisors and controller, quality control office, strategic planning and public relations.