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  • Developing Project Program of Tourism, Medical Treatment and Study Visas

Internal Divisions

Naturalization and passports Dept.:

This section offers its services to locals only. Whereas it issues documents related to locals such as citizenship, family registration book and passports whether first time issue or issuing documents in the place of lost or damaged ones or renewal for documents that have been renewed. In this section, Files and documents concerning these documents are archived in organized and ordered files and appendices.


Section of investigation for naturalization affairs:
This section is considered as nature extension to Naturalization section, where it is investigated through it all things related to locals and UAE nationality applicants.  
Section of Investigation for Naturalization Affairs provides the following services
  •  inquiry in travelling documents and family registration book losingcases
  •  inquiry in travelling documents and family registration book damaging cases
  •  inquiry in the cases of children of unknown fathers
  • inquiry in the cases of  legitimacy
  • adding , deleting or amending surname and family name


Entry Permits' Section:

This section offers services to locals and residents alike. Through issuing entry permits to country as per what is stipulated within the law of foreigners' entry and residence. Entry permits issued in this section are varied into different types.

First: Entry permits applications for working in Public sector, this category includes; Federal ministries, governmental authorities, Rulers' Divans and their representatives and authorities which are not subjected to Labour law:
  • Public companies and corporations
  • Companies and corporations working in Free Zones
  • Sporting federations, clubs and societies.
  • Religious and charitable societies.
  • Affiliates to Police, security and armed forces and defence.
  • Embassies, consulates, and foreign organizations

Second: Entry permits applications for working (in private sector)
It issues entry permits for working in private sector after obtaining the approval or work permit issued by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Third: Entry permits applications for working as partners and investors. After increasing economic movement and flourishing investments in country: new type of entry permits applications has been created for investors for facilitating procedures and encourages attracting investments to country.

Fourth: Entry permits for housemaids and who are being the same like (private driver, nanny, and chef ……etc).

Fifth: Entry permits for residence whether residence is on sponsorship of one of above-mentioned authorities in public or private sectors or the residents in country.

Section of following violators and foreigners:

This section assumes following violators and foreigners and organizes inspection campaigns on areas that harbour violated manpower. Besides, tackling the issue of expatriation of violators out of country in collaboration with other administrations such as Administration of Punitive and Corrective Facilities; this section plays an important role in eliminating negative phenomena through slipping in and violations that have been committed by the sponsored such as working for another sponsor. It assumes necessary required statistics whereof.


Section of Residence:

This section plays great and important role through offering services to the residents via affixing residence visas and renewing upon its expiry, besides several important works and tasks.


Section of financial and administrative affairs:
This section is assuming the biggest burden and role, where it is processing appointing employees, follow their performance including transfers, movements and vacations. This section prepares in collaboration with Planning Section to hold training courses for H. R. development, organizes financial aspect of Administration's works, and providing Administration with its needs i.e. sets, equipments, stationary tools and others. Number of military employees are exceeding (300) employees and cadre of civil employees follow Ministry of Interior; while there are (400) male and female local employees follow Privatization Department.